The college has twelve spacious classrooms- eight on the ground floor and four on the first floor. All the classrooms are well-equipped with fan, light and a blackboard. Besides, all the classes are cleaned on a regular basis to keep the classrooms disease-free and dirt-free. With the increase in the number of students with each passing year the college has decided to build a new hall room and the process of building that is going on and will be finished soon. In order to provide modern facilities to its students the college has already built a digital classroom.


Digital Classroom:


For now the college has only one digital classroom to use. The digital classroom is well-equipped with a laptop, LCD projector, digital board, speaker, microphone and many other modern facilities. Classes, seminars, discussions and debates are regularly held in the digital classroom. Teachers from each and every department regularly use this classroom to enhance the teaching-learning process. Keeping in mind the growing demands of the students and the need of modern educational facilities for each and every student the college is pondering to build more such classrooms in the near future.


Drinking water:


The college is situated far from the madding crowd on a rocky laterite land surrounded by a lake, forest and paddy fields on all sides. In such a setting the college has installed three water purifiers for the students in its premises so that each and every student can get ample amount of fresh and pure drinking water.




 The college has allotted two rooms including a kitchen and a waiting-cum-dining room separate from the main U-shaped building to run a canteen. The college is far away from the main village and the college canteen provides students and staffs with snacks and meals at an affordable price. It remains open in all day from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. except for holidays. The quantity and quality of the food is checked and examined from time to time in order to maintain good health and hygiene.




Presently the college has one parking shed for the students, teaching and non-teaching staffs to keep their cycles and motorcycles. Besides there is enough space in front of the main U-shaped building to park four wheelers.